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Oil Canvas Tools

  • Richeson Rapid Canvas Stapler
    The Richeson Rapid Canvas Stapler is the perfect tool for those extra ambitious artists who enjoy stretching & prepping their own canvases. It's construction grade and will hold your art strong even under ...
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  • Richeson Rapid Staples
    5/16 inches (8mm) by 3/8 inches (10.6mm) 5000 count ...
    Our Price: $19.50
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  • Universal Canvas Carrier
    This two-piece Universal Canvas Carrier works with boards, panels and canvases of any size that are up to 1' thick. The top piece, with its built-in handle, holds two canvases, wet or dry, 1/2' ...
    Our Price: $12.98
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  • Tight'N'Up Canvas Re-Tensioner, 4oz Pump Spray Bottle
    Restore tension to loose canvas without restretching or using expansion keys! Tight'n'up removes sagging, wrinkles or ripples, leaving canvas flat and tight. Just spray or brush on the back of painted or ...
    Our Price: $4.93
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  • Chrome-Plated Canvas Pliers
    These pliers have a bolt between the handles to prevent over-squeezing. They are made from a heavy die-cast alloy, chrome-plated for long ...
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  • Professional Canvas Pliers
    Professional Canvas Pliers -These lightweight, strong and durable pliers have a 4 3/4' wide jaw with rubberized inside grips to hold canvas firmly without marring the canvas ...
    Our Price: $29.44
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