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  • Niji Woodcarving Knives 7 Piece Set
    Niji Woodcarving Knife Set includes 7 steel wood carving tools - three U-gouges in various sizes, one V-gouge, two angled knives and one straight line - plus a sharpening stone. A good quality set for ...
    Our Price: $9.68
    $9.68ex VAT      $9.87inc VAT
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  • Westcott Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors, 5" Straight
    The very latest technology from Westcott combines Titanium with a unique Non-Stick coating that is permanently bonded to the blades. The result - Westcott 5 inch Non-Stick Titanium Bonded Scissors blades stay ...
    Our Price: $11.33
    $11.33ex VAT      $11.56inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO #8R Retractable Ultility Knife
    The X-ACTO #8 Lightweight Retractable Utility Knife is an excellent multi-purpose knife for a variety of ...
    Our Price: $2.25
    $2.25ex VAT      $2.30inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO Stencil Knife #4
    The X-ACTO No. 4 Stencil Knife is a stenciler’s dream. Whether you are a ...
    Our Price: $6.69
    $6.69ex VAT      $6.82inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO Precision Knife #1
    The X-ACTO #1 Precision Knife is the original cutting tool for any application requiring a precise, ...
    Our Price: $2.90
    $2.90ex VAT      $2.96inc VAT
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  • Craft Swivel Knife Blade
    Perfect craft knife blades for hobby, craft, utility knives. Package of 3 X-ACTO craft knife ...
    Our Price: $3.29
    $3.29ex VAT      $3.36inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO Utility Blades, Package of 5
    The #8 Lightweight Utility Blade from X-ACTO is a general purpose blade designed to provide an ...
    Our Price: $3.39
    $3.39ex VAT      $3.46inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO Triangle Steel Ruler
    A perfect complement to our precision knives and cutting tools, the X-ACTO 3'' Triangle Ruler allows you ...
    Our Price: $8.99
    $8.99ex VAT      $9.17inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO Blade #10 Pkg Of 5
    The X-ACTO #10 General Purpose Blade is a unique blend of precision and durability. This ...
    Our Price: $4.35
    $4.35ex VAT      $4.44inc VAT
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  • X-acto Z-series #1 Knife with Blades
    This 4-7/8 inch aluminum handle with the No. 11 Z series blade used for delicate precision cutting of lightweight materials like paper, plastic, balsa, thin metal, cloth, film and acetate. The Z series blades, ...
    Our Price: $4.15
    $4.15ex VAT      $4.23inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO Compass Cutter
    The X-ACTO Compass Cutter is a convenient tool for cutting or drawing perfect circles as large ...
    Our Price: $11.99
    $11.99ex VAT      $12.23inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO Snap Off Blade Knife Light Duty
    The X-ACTO Light Duty Snap-Off Blade slices through packages, ropes, canvas and more. This uniquely ...
    Our Price: $5.09
    $5.09ex VAT      $5.19inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO #2 Knife
    The X-ACTO 5' aluminum handle knife works with the #2 blade for making precise, accurate cuts through a ...
    Our Price: $4.31
    $4.31ex VAT      $4.40inc VAT
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  • X-ACTO Blade #24 Pkg Of 5
    The #24 Deburring Blade by X-ACTO is an excellent cutting tool for deburring, stripping, and ...
    Our Price: $2.49
    $2.49ex VAT      $2.54inc VAT
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