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Iwata Accessories

  • Artool Stretch Mask
    Stretchmask is a multi-medium, stretchable and flexible repositionable masking film. It is especially suited to conform to curved and irregular surfaces such as motorcycle tanks, helmets and automotive shapes ...
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  • Iwata Fluid Cups and Lids
    Add versatility to any side-feed Iwata airbrush with these various sized side cups. ...
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  • Iwata Pistol Grip Filter
    The last defense against moisture! This innovative pistol grip filter attaches directly onto any Iwata threaded airbrush delivering clean, dry air. Miniature in size, the super-fine .5 micron filter ...
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  • Iwata No Rust Bottle Caps
    No rust plastic caps are solvent proof. No gasket means no deterioration and less parts for fewer hassles. Available in sizes 20mm, 24mm, 38mm. ...
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  • Iwata Magnetic Airport Hanger
    The Airport Hanger will hang most styles of airbrushes. It’s adjustable hanging positions accommodate for the most varying types of airbrush shapes and feed types. The Airport Hanger is constructed of solid ...
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  • Iwata Clear Bottles
    These crystal-clear bottles from Iwata allow artists to see the paint's true color while airbrushing. They're ideal for use with any waterbased paint. ...
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  • Iwata Redi Caps, 20 Pack
    These little red caps cover the tips of adapter caps to keep your paint from ...
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  • Iwata Teflon Tape, 1/2 in x 260 in
    For sealing threads on all threaded fittings. 1/2 inch x 260 inches. A must if you have any air leaks at your air ...
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