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Etching Supplies

  • DANIEL SMITH Lump Rosin, 1lb Package
    Filtered to remove impurities, our lump rosin reaches a consistent melting point. Use in an aquatint box or pulverize it for dispersal through a silk or cotton ...
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  • ImagOn HD 24in x 50ft Roll
    The newest generation of ImagOn Film delivers several advantages for non-toxic, photo-intaglio printmaking. ImagOn HD has a transparent, light green emulsion, an advantage when registering plates in a multicolor ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Anti Skin Spray Pump, 16 oz
    DANIEL SMITH Anti Skin Spray is a mixture of soybean oil and odorless mineral spirits. Spray a small amount on the surface of ink to prevent an ink skin from forming. Also prolongs freshness for ink in ...
    Our Price: $10.99
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  • DANIEL SMITH 1/16in Wool Sizing Catcher (price per square inch)
    When printing etchings, three felts are generally used. Closest to the paper, a thin absorbent felt called the Sizing Catcher (95% wool, 5% polyester) absorbs much of the water and sizing removed from the ...
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  • Charbonnel Ultraflex Liquid Hard Ground, 75ml
    Charbonnel Ultraflex Liquid Hard Ground is a tough, hard ground suited for achieving clean lines. Its liquid consistency can be brushed or poured onto the plate and dries to a satin and transparent finish. For ...
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  • Putz Pomade, 1lb Can
    For polishing etching plates-easily removed with mild ...
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