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Educators Accessories

  • Etcher's Copper Plates
    18 Gauge Copper Plates - Polished and industrial finish. Plates are sold ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH 1/4inWool/Polyester Forming Blanket, 24in x 48in
    When printing etchings, three felts are generally used. Closest to the paper, a thin absorbent felt called the Sizing Catcher. Next, the Forming Blanket, the thickest of the felts, acts as a cushion to cast ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Standard Amber Gum Arabic Solution, Gallon
    Mixing gum arabic with watercolor produces more granulation of the pigment, reduces the bleeding effects in a watery wash, and increases the solubility of the dried paint film- shapes can be readily dissolved ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Lump Rosin, 1lb Package
    Filtered to remove impurities, our lump rosin reaches a consistent melting point. Use in an aquatint box or pulverize it for dispersal through a silk or cotton ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Burnt Plate Oil, Mid 3, Pint
    The most common modifier for etching inks, Burnt Plate Oils are made by slowly heating pure linseed oil for varying periods of time, depending on the desired body. (The longer it's heated, the more the ...
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  • Speedball Mounted Linoleum Blocks, 7/8in thick
    Double-glued, these mounted linoleum blocks will not separate, warp, crack or peel. They are made from the highest quality linoleum and are great for producing sharp clear prints without gaps or hollows. Ideal ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Curved Domestic Burnisher, 6-3/4in
    Made in the U.S., these tools are an excellent value. They are well-made and sturdy in construction. The Hollow Scraper, Domestic Burnisher and Cork Handled Scribe all have large handles for a more secure grip. ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Linoleum Tool 6-piece Set
    The 6-tool set is primarily used for linoleum containing a knife and five different gouges. These professional quality U.S.-made tool sets withstand heavy ...
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