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Drafting Tools

  • Mahlstick
    Steady your hand and keep your work free of smudges! Our mahlstick is a yard-long aluminum rod, topped with a leather covered cork. It is lightweight and unscrews in the middle for easy ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Clear Acrylic Bridge, 32in
    Our bridge helps prevent smudges to your drawing, print or painting by providing a raised resting spot for your hand or arm. Its transparency lets you see the relationship of the area being drawn to the ...
    Our Price: $22.11
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  • Cel-Edge T-Square, 36 in
    Professional T-square with a clear acrylic ...
    Our Price: $20.59
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  • Alvin Graduated Curve, 16 in
    TRU-FLEX flexible curves are highly versatile drafting aids made of lead-core construction. TRU-FLEX flexible curves feature a raised inking edge, and graduations in both millimeters and inches. Metric ...
    Our Price: $9.62
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  • Alvin Academic Divider, 6in
    Friction divider with self centering gearhead design Replaceable needle points Durable, matte nickel finish resists stains and ...
    Our Price: $9.85
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  • Alvin 15-1/2in Comfort-Curve Dust Brush
    Alvin Comfort Curve 15-1/2in Dust Brush This Alvin Comfort-Curve Dust Brush features a comfort-fitting curved handle 15-1/2' long brush that holds sterilized mixed horsehair in a single row of tufts to provide ...
    Our Price: $4.86
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  • Alvin Circle Template
    Contains thirty-nine circles. Size range: 1/16' to 15/8'. Size: 4¾' x 8' x ...
    Our Price: $3.50
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  • Alvin Lettering Stencils Set of 4
    ALVIN Lettering Stencils Set of four lettering stencils, sizes 1/4', 1/2', 5/8' and 3/4'. ...
    Our Price: $4.75
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  • Bulldog Clip, 2-1/2in
    Bulldog Clips #2 - 1 1/4 in. Handy Bulldog Clips for keeping your work in order, holding reference photos, drying art and much ...
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