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Class Kits


  • Molly Hashimoto Experienced Studio Set
    Items included in this kit: 1 Mars Plastic Eraser Small 1 Arches Watercolor Block 140lb 300gm/m2 CP 9x12in 1 DANIEL SMITH Autograph 60-01 Sable Mix Watermedia ...
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  • Paint and Picnic with Laura
    Supplies required for Paint and Picnic with Laura Jannika 1 DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 238 Dot Try It Card 1 Rapidograph Technical Pen, Size 0 (.35mm) 1 ...
  • Jacqueline Newbold Expansion Kit
    The Jacqueline Newbold Expansion Kit is the perfect complement to the Daniel Smith Jacqueline Newbold Travel Kit. These additional six Daniel Smith colors are her favorite go-to colors and are always on her ...
    Our Price: $85.22
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  • Jane LaFazio Sketching and Watercolor Full Kit
    Jane LaFazio loves to draw and paint in her sketchbook. Watercolor is her first love, and her go-to media for her visual journals. With this full kit, you’ll have all the colors and materials you’ll ...
    Our Price: $176.00
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  • Jana Parkin Essential Watercolor Starter Set
    Two sets of primary colors (a warm Red, Yellow, Blue, and a cool Red, Yellow, Blue) allow you to create virtually every color for traditional subject matter, from landscape to still-life and even portrait. ...
  • Amanda Knowles Printmaking Kit Summer 2014
    Items included in this kit: 1 Etchers Industrial Copper Plate 4x6in 1 Speedball Linoleum Cutter Set #1 1 Speedball Brayer Soft Rubber 3in 1 ...
    Our Price: $132.00
    $132.00ex VAT      $134.64inc VAT
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  • Jana Parkin Watercolor Floral Additions
    This large array of greens, violets, oranges and pinks give you some of the crazy brights and glowing organics that are difficult to mix with traditional colors. All transparent, these are perfectly wonderful ...
  • Jana Parkin Watercolor Monterey Bay Seascape Set
    My dad and I have enjoyed painting and teaching workshops in the Monterey Bay area for many years. Here are the colors I think best capture that geography: cliffs, water, sand, waves, rocks, bright sun, and ...
  • Jana Parkin Watercolor Portrait Additions
    This includes most of the traditional colors recommended by renowned watercolor portraitist Charles Reid, as well as my own additions. Lighter fleshtones are created with new gamboge (or mix a little hansa ...
  • Jana Parkin Advanced Watercolor Set
    Add a contemporary flair to your work by supplementing the traditional watercolor palette with some richer darks, brighter brights, and a couple of opaques, which are great for adding highlights. These are the ...
  • Jane LaFazio Sketching and Watercolor Travel Kit
    Back in Stock 4/4/14 Jane LaFazio loves to travel and record her experiences in watercolor. Working in a small format, while on the road, is truly the way to capture what you see, hear, ...
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  • University of Delaware V Bradley Painting I Kit
    Please be advised that the 6 Frederix Mixed Media Paint Boards will be sent separately with a second shipment in late February The University of Delaware V Bradley Painting 1 Kit contains: 1 ...
    Our Price: $327.49
    $327.49ex VAT      $334.04inc VAT
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  • Sondra Holtzman’s Traveling Studio Natural Palette
    Many of the gorgeous colors in this palette originate from natural pigments gleaned directly from the earth, like Rhodonite, Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli. To complement their beauty and add a vibrant ...
    Our Price: $175.00
    $175.00ex VAT      $178.50inc VAT
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  • UVU Jana Parkin Watermedia 2014 Kit
    The Jana Parkin Watermedia Kit ships priority mail at no charge. (1) Winsor & Newton WC Cerulean Blue 14 ml (1) Spray Bottle 4-Oz (1) Richeson 22 Well Covered ...
    Our Price: $199.50
    $199.50ex VAT      $203.49inc VAT
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  • The Daven Anderson Watercolor Palette Kit
    An award-winning Watercolorist, Daven describes himself as an ‘urban realist’, painting life as he sees it on the city’s streets. Dave is essentially self-taught spending only one year in a ...
    Our Price: $149.88
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  • Helen Shafer Garcia Full Watercolor Kit
    Helen Shafer Garcia is a San Diego Watercolor Society signature member, mixed media painter and award winning illustrator. She is known for her contemporary paintings and assemblages depicting folklore themes ...
    Our Price: $160.00
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