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Calligraphy Pens


  • Panache Basic Calligraphy Set with 3 Nibs
    Set contains a pen holder, three pen points (fine, medium, broad), and 2 each of black, blue and purple ink cartridges. ...
    Our Price: $17.98
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  • Faber-Castell PITT Calligraphy Pens
    India ink in a portable pen. Faber-Castell Pitt® Calligraphy Pens have 2.0 mm chisel nibs great for journals, scrapbooks and calligraphy. India ink in sepia or black is ...
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  • Speedball C4 and C5 Pen Nib Set
    Speedball pen nibs have been handcrafted from the finest steel since 1899. Their triple reservoir design features three reservoirs for increased ink capacity and extended smooth, uninterrupted ink flow. Style ...
    Our Price: $4.37
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  • Speedball Square Pen Points, Includes A4 and A5 Points
    Speedball Square Tip Pen Points, A4 and A5 - Set of 2 Speedball square tip pen points A4 and A5 create block Gothic letters, ornate borders and decorative designs. Square Point Set, (1) A4 and (1) A5 ...
    Our Price: $4.37
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  • Speedball "B" Style 7-piece Lettering Set
    Speedball 'B' Style Lettering Set - Set of 6 nibs Speedball 'B' Style Lettering Set contains six metal nibs which are ideal for creating Round Gothic letter or uniform line drawings, and a contoured ...
    Our Price: $10.92
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  • Speedball Pen Holder, Standard
    Speedball standard plastic pen holder.  Fits Speedball calligraphy and drawing ...
    Our Price: $1.92
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  • Speedball Elegant Writer 4-pen Calligraphy Set
    The Elegant Writer Calligraphy Set brings beautiful italic lettering within reach, even for beginning calligraphers. The set includes four black markers, two fine point, and one each medium point, and broad ...
    Our Price: $7.19
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  • J. Herbin Natural Wood Calligraphy Nib Holder
    Natural Wood Penholder, by J. Herbin This Natural Wood Penholder by J. Herbin takes you on a journey in nostalgic letter writing. Made of exotic African Thuya wood, it holds standard nibs. 6 3/4' long. ...
    Our Price: $4.81
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  • Speedball Calligraphy Pen Set
    Ideal pen set for the beginning calligrapher. This set includes 4 'C'-style pen nibs ideal for Roman, text and italic alphabets, 2 pen nibs for fine lettering, and a Speedball penholder. ...
    Our Price: $9.81
    $9.81ex VAT      $10.01inc VAT
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