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C and T Interfacing and Tools

  • Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, Updated 3rd Edition
    Perfect colors every time! 24 color cards with numbered swatches. 5 color plans for each color. 2 value finders (red and green). 816 colors with CMYK and RGB formulas, plus HEX numbers for website design. Based ...
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  • Studio Color Wheel, 28 in x 28 in, Double-Sided Poster
    Color inspiration is everywhere you look! Color formulas have never been more picturesque. Displaying this large-format wheel on your wall makes it easier to find the perfect combination of colors for any ...
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  • Fast2Fuse Heavy Interfacing, 15 in x 18 in Sheet
    One 15 in x 18 in piece of heavyweight interfacing. Heavyweight stiffness. Add dimension to your artwork. Fusible on both sides. Easy to mark, cut and sew. Perfect for fabric and paper projects. Use for: ...
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