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Book Binding Supplies

  • DANIEL SMITH Beeswax Pastilles, 1lb Package
    Daniel Smith Extenders and Inert Pigments: Extenders and other miscellaneous pigments are used as fillers and modifiers in the making of paints, inks, pastels and ...
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  • 3mm Bit Japanese Screw Punch
    3mm Bit for Japanese Screw Punch Use with Japanese Screw ...
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  • Lineco Book Headband, Black, 6”
    Attractive finishing touch for bound books. Silk. ...
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  • Aluminum Binding Posts and Screws, 1in, Pack of 25 Posts and Screws
    It's easy to make intriguing books with post bindings. Use a single post for a book with swing-out pages. Use two posts to make stylish books or practical, expandable albums-simply unscrew the two parts of the ...
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