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Artist Lamps

  • Daylight Slimline Magnifying Lamp
    The Daylight Slimline Magnifier Lamp is ideal for detailed work. The bright 22-watt low-heat, flicker-free Daylight tube (100-watt equivalent) is housed in a slimline head mounted on an adjustable ...
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  • Daylight Slimline Chrome Table Lamp
    The Daylight™ Slimline Table Lamp looks great in any room. This slim, elegant brushed chrome desk lamp is designed to be ergonomically positioned above the hands and below eye level so there are ...
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  • Paragon Super Sturdy Studio Lamp
    Paragon Super Sturdy Studio Lamp offers substantial size, powerful illumination and easy adjustment at a great price. Ideal for model lighting and photography, this heavy-duty lamp has a spring-loaded, ...
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    Our Price: $62.97
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  • Daylight LED Neck Magnifier with Stand
    The LED Neck Magnifier with Stand in the StarMag™ range is a dual purpose hands-free magnifier and can be used either as a neck magnifier with cord or as a table magnifier for crafting, sewing or reading. It ...
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  • Daylight Table Top Lamp with Magnifier
    The Daylight Tabletop Craft Lamp and Daylight Floorstand Lamp with Magnifier-Tis wonderful for artwork, crafts, needlework, reading and other close work. Both the low-heat daylight simulation lamp and the ...
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  • Daylight LED Flexilens Lamp with Base and Clip
    Daylight LED Flexilens is part of the StarMag™ range. The LED and Magnifying Lamp with Base and Clip is practical and compact - ideal for any craft, art or reading activity. It has an 8-1/2' flexible arm for ...
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  • Testrite Studio Light and Stand
    This excellent light source comes with a special 75 watt bulb which closely simulates natural daylight. Use it for model lighting, accurate color mixing and canvas illumination. Feature include a heavy-duty ...
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