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  • Klopfenstein 2 way Tilt Top Art Horse
    This Art Horse frame is rigid 2 in square tube, welded to last. 18 in x 24 in top telescopes from 31 in to 48 in high and pivots 180° for any seated or standing drawing position. Top and seat are 3/4 in thick ...
    Our Price: $441.34
    $441.34ex VAT      $450.17inc VAT
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  • Klopfenstein Spectrum Art Pony
    The Spectrum Art Pony’s 3/4” thick solid core seat with smooth Melamine surfaces and rounded corners is supported by a strong rigidly welded steel tube frame. Seat is grooved in 2 places to anchor a ...
    Our Price: $176.68
    $176.68ex VAT      $180.21inc VAT
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  • BEST Caballo Artist Donkey Bench with Easel
    A donkey with extra features. The Caballo Bench by BEST does everything and goes anywhere. Made of solid oak and oak plywood, it is durable and good-looking. When set up, the bench provides a seat, a 16 in ...
    Our Price: $378.57
    $378.57ex VAT      $386.14inc VAT
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  • Pro Mobile Studio Bench
    Pro Mobile Studio Bench combines portable sketch box function with studio comfort and stability, indoors or out. The teak wood paint box holds plenty of supplies and its lid adjusts to hold canvases, panels ...
    Our Price: $206.25
    $206.25ex VAT      $210.38inc VAT
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  • Craftech Sienna Art Bench
    The Sienna Studio Art Bench is a modern take on the classic drawing bench. A fully adjustable work top and sliding support arm turn this into a versatile compact work station. The work top can adjust to your ...
    Our Price: $251.60
    $251.60ex VAT      $256.63inc VAT
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  • Klopfenstein 2 Way Art Pony
    Versatile 2 way art pony is built for seated drawing, or it will stand on end at a slight forward tilt for standing drawing! An adjustable T-bar collar on the telescoping T-bar, and stop tabs on the front ...
    Our Price: $175.19
    $175.19ex VAT      $178.69inc VAT
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  • Studio Bench
    The Studio Bench is an updated version of the classic studio 'donkey' used by art students for centuries. It has a comfortable 20' padded seat, a sturdy steel frame with 18' adjustable drawing board post, and ...
    Our Price: $108.75
    $108.75ex VAT      $110.93inc VAT
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  • Richeson Caballitto Artist Bench
    A sturdy, basic art bench. The Caballito Artist Bench is a traditional art school 'donkey' bench that provides economical workspace. Designed for student comfort as well as easy storage, it's ...
    Our Price: $108.53
    $108.53ex VAT      $110.70inc VAT
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  • Klopfenstein Art Pony Accessory
    The attachable Pony Arm elevates your drawing board up to 12 in off the Art Pony seat to the working height and angle you want—and locks into ...
    Our Price: $48.60
    $48.60ex VAT      $49.57inc VAT
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