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Additives and Fixatives


  • Jacquard Sodium Alginate SH for cellulose fibers, 2oz
    Colors too runny? Sodium Alginate is a seaweed derivative used to thicken dye for screen printing, painting, or to control spreading. Jacquard's Sodium Alginate SH is used primarily for cotton and other ...
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  • Jacquard Silk Salt, 2oz
    Sprinkle this puffed crystal salt on wet dye or Dye-Na-Flow for a beautiful and varied textured ...
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  • Jacquard Color Remover, 14g Bag
    Dyeing fabric has never been easier than with Jacquard's iDye line. You can color natural materials right in your washing machine! And to reverse the process or achieve some gentler effects, there's iDye ...
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