Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith Watercolor Station by BEST Video

Daniel Smith Watercolor Station by BEST

The Watercolor Station you've been waiting for!

Our DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Station, designed exclusively for DANIEL SMITH, is a wonderful way for Artists for whom work space is a premium, to have a compact, discreet and movable Art Studio! The Watercolor Station has been handmade in the USA to our specifications by the craftsmen at BEST Artist Products. It has been designed as a furniture quality taboret especially for the Artist who may not have a dedicated art studio space to work in.

Designed especially for working flat, it has two top panels that slide out to the sides revealing an ample 24” x 36" workspace that is large enough for a 22” x 30” full sheet in the center, to paint on. When you are done painting, just close up the work space by sliding the top panels shut to conceal your work.

Daniel Smith Watercolor Station by BEST