Daniel Smith

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Project Book Starter Kit Video

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Project Book Starter Kit

The DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Project Book - Complete Kit - includes everything you need to get started!

  • The book contains 21 different projects and is accompanied by step-by-step DVD demonstrations for each project.
  • Color Dot Cards with 54 try-it size paint dots— contain enough paint to do your project
  • Size 5 Round Watercolor Brush
  • Plastic 10-well Palette and
  • 10 5" x 7" Watercolor Cards
  • 1/4 sheet of Tracing Paper
  • Biggie Watercolor Pad, 30-Sheet, 9" x 12"

Each project is a painting designed to highlight three specific colors of DANIEL SMITH Watercolor. Subjects include flowers, fruit, birds, leaves, ribbons, landscapes, a sailboat, a zebra and a stained glass window. Each color is pictured and described, with pigment, granulation and transparency information. There’s a sketch for you to copy, and a finished example for you to follow. As you do the projects, you’ll learn about each color’s attributes and see how to use them effectively. With the Project Book and DVD, you’ll have fun increasing your knowledge of paints and color combinations.

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Project Book Starter Kit