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DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Colors - 37ml Tubes Video

DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Colors - 37ml Tubes

When you buy our professional quality Original Oils, you get exceptionally strong pigmentation, uniform buttery consistency and excellent value. For more than 20 years, we’ve been innovators in pigment selection and formulation, and we still make and package each batch by hand, with the utmost integrity and attention to detail. Choose from a palette of 182 colors, many of which are unusual and unique to DANIEL SMITH.

Introduced in 1989, our Original Oils showed the results of years of development. Our intent was to offer a game-changing paint with remarkable color strength, reliable lightfastness and consistent texture. Over the years we’ve expanded the line to include a vast array of colors derived from the world’s finest pigments, from the ancient natural minerals used in our PrimaTek colors, to the lab-created modern pigments in our Quinacridones and Luminescents.

Small Batch Production
Our manufacturing crew makes our Original Oils in a department right next to our Seattle Store. Visitors are often surprised to see just how simple and traditional the process is, and how closely involved the paintmakers are with every step of production. Batches are small, allowing close control of every factor involved.

DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Colors - 37ml Tubes