Daniel Smith

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 'Japanese Cranes' Triad Video

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 'Japanese Cranes' Triad

Adorn your page with delicate color and dramatic shine. Daniel Smith’s new Japanese Crane Triad features three exquisite watercolors that combine to create a rich tapestry of silky, shimmering color. Create graceful lines on wings, glittering gold surfaces of clouds and the bright red crests that adorn the Japanese crane. Let your creativity flow with a color palette to spark the imagination.

Flowing lines with just a touch of luster are the specialty of Graphite Gray. This surprising color creates the structure of the wings and beaks of the cranes. Use Iridescent Topaz to create a magical world of shimmering clouds with a gilded touch. Mayan Red adds the final note to this symphony of color with a punctuated, dramatic crimson tone. Explore a decorative style of painting or use this triad for a realistic rendition of the classic Japanese crane subject.

Mayan Red is a bold, vibrant crimson that demands attention. Rich in history and even richer in tone, this unique red is the perfect choice to color the crowns of the Japanese crane. You’ll want to add this saturated shade to your watercolor palette for floral and landscape painting. Its transparent quality and intense color make it ideal for radiant petals and rosy sunsets. Try mixing Mayan Red with trio-mate Graphite Gray for a rich, deep violet.

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor 'Japanese Cranes' Triad