Daniel Smith

GOLDEN Pumice Gel Video

GOLDEN Pumice Gel

Pumice Gels are used to create durable, highly textured surfaces. Made from pure volcanic pumice, free of impurities and mineral stains, is a base of acrylic polymer emulsion.  Dries to a hard film and adheres best to prepared surfaces.

To increase its flexibility, mix in other GOLDEN Gels or mediums. Pumice Gels blend with GOLDEN Acrylic colors. Use as a ground for pastels, oil pastels, and oil bars. The Fine drys to a smooth finely textured surface. The Coarse and Extra Coarse dry to a granular surface that resembles cement.

GOLDEN Gel Mediums offer artists many ways to build texture. They range in consistency from pourable to moldable with varying degrees of sheen and transparency.

GOLDEN Pumice Gel