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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Canada Goose' Video

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Canada Goose'

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Against the billowing backdrop of a stormy sky a migratory flock of geese soar in perfect formation. A sharp contrast separates the black wingtips and outstretched necks from the steel-gray background of wind and sky. The Canada Goose is celebrated in Daniel Smith’s newest triad, a combination of three colors to capture and define this graceful subject.

A palette of harmonious neutrals combine for remarkable effects in the goose’s plumage and form. Take your painting even further with a study of windswept winter scenery—these pigments have a rugged side perfect for capturing texture, depth and detail. Black Tourmaline Genuine is the essential shade for the bold black tones of your geese. Lunar Blue is a moody, granulating color for sky and water. Burgundy Yellow Ochre brings a subtle touch of warmth, adding life and light to your subject.

Black Tourmaline Genuine a Prima-tek pigment, is a rich black with a soft surface finish. One stroke of this deep shade leaves your paper looking like black velvet. Natural mineral origins give this watercolor beautiful granulation for textured techniques. In mixtures this watercolor is less overpowering than other blacks—you can add small amounts to washes of other colors to achieve granulation without the fear of muddy color. Use it full strength to define the tail and neck of your goose, use in mixtures throughout your work to balance color and create texture.

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Canada Goose'