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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Tea Cup' Video

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Tea Cup'

A simple cup of tea creates a relaxing moment to mediate on the day, awaken the senses and allow creativity to take hold. Daniel Smith's Tea Cup Triad is inspired by the delicate porcelain and precious floral patterns of a classic tea service. Explore the possibilities of this three-color set to create tiny rose blossoms on an ornamental cup and saucer or go big and bold to paint a lovely landscaped garden.

Sip a cup of tea with three charming colors sure to inspire. Opera Pink is brilliant and bright, perfect to paint stunning petals and rosebuds. Spring Green is the quintessential color of new growth and early spring foliage. Iridescent Gold adds a glided flourish to this color collection with its sparkle and shine. Your paintings will come alive with the cheerful tones of this whimsical watercolor palette.

Opera Pink is the brightest pink we offer. A base of stunning Quinacridone Magenta is amplified with a touch of fluorescent pigment for a watercolor that really glows. Use this pink full strength for a pop of saturated color. Mix with its trio-mates to produce natural looking tones - mixtures with Spring Green yield a slightly violet magenta while Iridescent Gold results in a shimmering coral tone.

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Tea Cup'