Daniel Smith

DANIEL SMITH 12 Full Pan Watercolor Travel Box, Empty Video

DANIEL SMITH 12 Full Pan Watercolor Travel Box, Empty

Our 12 Full-Size Pan Empty Watercolor Travel Box can be filled with your choice of tube watercolors and is compatible with half pan watercolors from other manufactures, like W&N and Sennelier, so our Travel Box is completely customizable to your watercolor palette. This is our most versatile Travel Box because you can mix half pans with full pans in the Travel Box and increase the quantity of watercolors from 12 to up to 24 by switching out full pans for half pans.

The design of our Travel Box allows you to easily change out the colors in your palette. Just fill extra full or half pans with different tube watercolors, or have on hand additional watercolor half pans. Then switch those new colors into the Travel Box when you remove the colors that you won’t need. This way you can carry only the colors you will need for that location that you will be painting at.

  • Customizable to your color palette. Includes the pans, you add the paint! 
  • Accommodate half pans from other watercolor brands such as W&N, and Sennelier.
  • Very strong and durable - longer lasting than plastic palettes especially the hinges.
  • 4 mixing wells.
  • 1 large mixing area.
  • Ring on back to slip your finger through to easily hold the open Travel Box as a palette while painting.
  • Place to hold travel brushes and a few other supplies.
  • Easy-to-clean enamel mixing areas, just wipe with paper towel to clean and remove moisture.
  • Made in Italy of enameled steel.
  • Measures 8.5 in x 3 in x 5/8 in.

DANIEL SMITH 12 Full Pan Watercolor Travel Box, Empty