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Lanaquarelle Watercolor Paper Packs

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Product Description

Lanaquarelle Watercolor Paper Packs

Since 1590, the Lana mill has been supplying European watercolorists with the finest papers. Lanaquarelle is made on a cylinder mould machine, giving it the look and feel of a handmade paper, but with better consistency.

Lanaquarelle is a bright white, 100% cotton, and acid-free paper. It is whiter than most standard watercolor papers and resists yellowing over time. Internally and externally sized, it is sensitive yet resilient. Extremely forgiving, it is ideal for wet-on-wet work or dry brush techniques and can handle repeated retouching. An anti-fungal treatment makes it mold resistant.


  • 100% cotton
  • 2 natural deckels and 2 tear deckles
  • Acid free with an alkali reserve
  • Mouldmade
  • No optical brighteners
  • Internally and surface sized with gelatin
  • Embossesed with "lanquarelle France" in one corner

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