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Color Shaper Brushes

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Product Description

Color Shaper Brushes
These intriguing tools give you an entirely new way to handle paint, inks and drawing materials. Traditional hardwood paint brush handles are paired with durable Color Shaper tips made from an advanced rubber composite. Eight tip shapes make it easy to create exciting effects on all media. In oils and acrylics, Color Shapers allow you to shape and carve into the paint, build impasto, control glazes and maintain crisp edges. With watercolors and drawing materials, both the soft and the firm tips are as useful for precise application and erasure as they are for texturing. Their ability to both add and subtract ink makes them extremely useful for monotypes and other printmaking techniques. The ivory-colored soft tips are designed for use with fluid and soft colors, and the firm gray tips give great control with heavy bodied paints and inks. Cleaning Color Shapers is easy-a quick dip in solvent, alcohol or water and wipe with a rag and they are ready to use with a different color.

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GridItemIDItem InformationItem NoAvailabilityPriceOrder Qty
5127477 010 019 ImageColor Shaper, Firm (Gray), Cup Round, Size 6477 010 019In Stock
You Save:30%
7268477 010 033 ImageColor Shaper, Firm (Gray), Wide Curved, 2 in477 010 033In Stock
You Save:30%
7272477 010 036 ImageColor Shaper, Extra Firm (Black), Wide Flat, 3in477 010 036In Stock
You Save:30%
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