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DANIEL SMITH Poppyseed Oil

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Poppyseed Oil
Often used as the vehicle for better-quality whites and other light colors, poppyseed oil is nearly colorless and has less tendency to yellow with age than linseed oil. While it can be used to modify paints made with linseed oil, poppyseed oil has two disadvantages. It dries very slowly and creates a film more prone to cracking.

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770284 470 012 ImageDANIEL SMITH Poppyseed Oil, 4oz284 470 012In Stock
771284 470 013 ImageDANIEL SMITH Poppyseed Oil, 8oz284 470 013In Stock
772284 470 011 ImageDANIEL SMITH Poppyseed Oil, Pint284 470 011In Stock
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