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DANIEL SMITH DS Sol is a less toxic variety of odorless mineral spirits - the harmful aromatic solvent component is completely removed, so no noxious smell, making it an excellent choice for use in a ventilated studio. DS SOL works very well for cleaning brushes, for thinning oil paint, and for use in oil painting mediums that do not contain damar varnish (or other natural resins) because DS Sol will not dissolve damar crystals (use turpentine instead). DS Sol is both safer and more economical to use than turpentine or regular odorless mineral spirits.

DS Sol can be used for thinning oil paint.
Mix in a bit of DS Sol with your oil paints to sketch in your painting or for under-painting. The DS Sol will evaporate out quickly, which allows you paint over it with your oil paints sooner, keeping to the oil painting rule of fat over lean.

DS Sol is great for cleaning hog bristle oil brushes and studio clean up (palettes & knives).

  • Use two containers, one for DS Sol that has been already been used to clean your hog bristle oil brush, and a second container with clean DS Sol that is reserved to further clean your brush after being cleaned in the first container.
  • First, wipe off most of the oil paint off your brush with a paper towel or newsprint.
  • Then clean your brush in container #1 with the used DS Sol by dipping in your brush and working the brush across the bottom to allow the DS Sol to remove as much of the oil paint as possible.
  • Wipe off excess DS Sol with a paper towel or newsprint.
  • Dip your brush into container #2 with the clean DS Sol and work it across the bottom to remove any remaining oil paint and wipe with paper towel or newsprint.
  • Your brush is now clean and ready to paint with another color.
  • If finished painting for the day, wash your clean brush in warm (not hot) water with a gentle soap or better yet a brush soap with conditioners that will help preserve the hairs of your brush and extend the life of your brush.
  • Dry excess water of the brush with a paper towel.
  • Re-shape the tip and allow the brush to air dry.


DS SOL Information: Pure and more highly refined than typical mineral spirits, our DANIEL SMITH DS Sol has the slowest evaporation rate of any solvent we carry. In a three-hour painting session, only about 20% of DS SOL evaporates into the air—in comparison, 90% of turpentine will evaporate in the same period. This makes it both safer and more economical to use.

It has a Permissible Exposure Level of 300, the highest available PEL in a petroleum solvent that still works well for painting. (Turpentine has a PEL of 100 and regular Odorless Mineral Spirits has a PEL of 200.) DS SOL is also less flammable, with a higher flash point (150F, 66C.)

DANIEL SMITH DS Sol also works great for blending colored pencils, making drawings more painterly. DS Sol acts as a solvent on the colored pencils allowing you to smooth out the pencil marks on your drawing. Because DS Sol evaporates quickly, you are able to work over your drawing layering on more colors sooner.

You will need two small jars with lids, one for clean DS Sol, and another for DS Sol that has been used and gotten dirty from rinsing the brush after blending or switching colors.

To blend the pencil colors, take a natural bristle brush and dip it into your clean jar of our DS Sol, blot brush on a paper towel, then begin blending the colored pencil marks. Lightly brush the pencil marks and you will see the marks begin to dissolve and become smooth color. Be sure to dip your brush into the jar of used DS Sol first to clean your brush, then dip it into the jar of clean DS Sol just before blending.

Once the DS Sol has fully dried (evaporated) on this layer, you can draw in more layers of colored pencils building beautiful complex color with your pencils. You will have fun experimenting to see the different effects you can get using DS Sol with your colored pencils!

We know you will find our DANIEL SMITH DS Sol to be both a good value and excellent material for your oil painting studio!

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