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DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground, 4oz Jars

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground, 4oz Jars

We're thrilled to offer Buff Titanium and Mars Black along with our Titanium White Watercolor Ground.

It used to be that watercolor painters had few options beyond white paper or a few colored boards. Now you can turn almost any surface into a toned or black ground for watercolor painting, as well as collage, pastels, pencils and mixed media work.

Buff Titanium is great for value studies and provides a gorgeous, classic-looking surface for work in neutral grays, earthy reds, black and white.

Mars Black makes our Luminescent Watercolors “pop” and also provides an exciting, unexpected background for all your standard watercolor paints. Soft pastels, graphite and watercolor pencils show up beautifully on both the buff and black.

How many times do you get a “Do Over”?
Titanium White, as well as turning any surface into Watercolor Paper, allows you to rescue areas within a painting done on Watercolor paper! It’s so easy to apply Ground over an area within a painting that needs rescuing—or for working on different compositional areas. You can also lift and scrub without damaging the painting surface.

Just brush this heavily pigmented, acrylic-based ground onto absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces (for best results abrade the surface with sandpaper or steel wool before brushing on the ground.)

One coat works on most materials—allow the surface to cure for 24 hours before painting. Once dry, it will not reactivate. If you're framing without glass, use a UV Archival Varnish to seal the surface.


A Demonstration - DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground to the Rescue!

I liked this painting, but I lost the "lights" in the foreground rocks and tree trunks. With Watercolor Ground, I was able to rescue this painting, add more depth and separate the foreground from the background.

I painted the Watercolor Ground directly to the are I wanted to fix. As I completed this stage, I feathered or softened the edges where the ground met the painting with a dry brush. The Ground is set and dries completely in 24 hours.

Now I added color and brought back the light edge of the rocks and added a few more trees keeping their light edge. AND... with Watercolor ground, reductive work is so easy, the new surface holds up to vigorous scrubbing without damage.

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