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Bamboo Hake Brushes

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Product Description

Bamboo Hake Brushes
Over the past two years, we've been re-expanding our selection of sumi-e materials at the urging of our customers. In addition to the high-quality papers and inks we offer, we're excited to introduce several fine new brushes. Two brushes that have become very popular were selected for us last year by award-winning Seattle artist Elizabeth Graves-the Senpon and Sansui Koraku. Combining an outer layer of goat hair for absorption with a core of stiffer hair for resiliency, each brush creates both broad strokes and fine details. The new Nyosui is made from the finest sheep hair. Its soft touch and extended shape allow long, elegant lines ideal for floral scenes or lettering. If you're just starting out in sumi, the new Gyokuran offers versatility and durability at a more affordable price. It's made from a blend of natural hairs and offers good spring and paint-carrying capacity. We've also added three fantastic new Hake brushes. All are made from only the highest grade goat hair and make shedding brushes a thing of the past. The first is a 1-1/2" wide bamboo Hake brush. It combines lush softness with spring that is non-existent in lesser brushes. The bamboo handle holds more hair than the classic Japanese hake with a flat wooden handle. Our other two new Hake brushes are truly exceptional. The Shyoru and Yoju are styled after round Hake brushes used by sumi masters for centuries. The extra-soft hairs are set in exquisitely crafted bamboo handles. These brushes release paint gently, giving smooth, rich washes and lines. The Shyoru is 3/10" in diameter, and the Yoju is 1/2" in diameter. Our Bamboo Hake brushes have been popular for many years. They are thick bodied, soft hair brushes at an economical prices.

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2148266 070 001 ImageBamboo Hake Brush, 1in266 070 001In Stock
2149266 070 002 ImageBamboo Hake Brush, 1-1/2in266 070 002In Stock
2150266 070 003 ImageBamboo Hake Brush, 1-7/8in266 070 003In Stock
2151266 070 004 ImageBamboo Hake Brush, 2-1/2in266 070 004In Stock
2152266 070 005 ImageBamboo Hake Brush, 3-1/4in266 070 005In Stock
2153266 070 006 ImageBamboo Hake Brush, 3-7/8in266 070 006In Stock
2154266 070 007 ImageBamboo Hake Brush, 5-1/2in266 070 007In Stock
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