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Winsor & Newton Oil Varnishes

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Product Description

Winsor & Newton Oil Varnishes

Varnishes are final coatings which protect finished pictures from the build up of dirt and grease. Oil paintings must be thoroughly dry (at least 6 -12 months) before varnishing. We offer a range of each of these varnishes to suit your different needs. For fine art usage picture varnishes should be removable so that paintings can be cleaned in the future. Varnishes are labelled ‘gloss' or ‘matt', it should be noted that different resins used in the varnishes impart varying degrees of gloss.

Winsor & Newton Oil Varnishes:

  • Original Matt Varnish. A superior protective film for oil and alkyd paintings, which dries to a matt finish. Please note that the bottle should be warmed in hot water before use until varnish becomes clear. Removable, wax based traditional varnish.
  • Artists Gloss Varnish. A modern general purpose high gloss varnish. It is a clear liquid which dries to a non-yellowing glossy film. It may be mixed with Artists’ Original Matt Varnish to adjust degree of gloss.
  • Damar Varnish. A pale yellow varnish which dries quickly to a high gloss for use on oil and alkyd paintings. Traditionally also used on prints and maps. It tends to darken with aging. It is the traditional high-gloss varnish.
  • Conserv-Art Gloss Varnish. A superior quality artists’ gloss varnish. Dries to a lower gloss than Artists' Gloss Varnish. Readily removable over a long period of time (up to 100 years) with White Spirit or Turpentine. Dries quickly to a non-yellowing film, does not bloom or crack. May be mixed with Artists’ Matt Varnish.
  • Artists' Retouching Varnish. A clear liquid varnish, which is non-yellowing and dries to a glossy film. Gives temporary protection to recently completed oil paintings. 
  • Superfine Damar Retouching Varnish. A pale yellow flammable varnish suitable for correcting sunken in sections or providing temporary protection to recently completed oil paintings. Tends to darken with age.

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