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Khadi Cotton Rag Watercolor Paper

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Product Description

Khadi Cotton Rag Watercolor Paper

Khadi Handmade Cotton Rag Watercolor Papers are made from 100% cotton rag. The long fiber length of the raw material (pure woven cotton from T-shirt cuttings) gives Khadi papers their exceptional strength and durability. The Khadi mill employs more than 50 men and women and is located just outside the village of Tarihal near Hubli, in Karnataka, South India. Hubli has the biggest open-air cotton market in Asia and the cotton scraps used to make these papers are sourced from local textile mills. No chlorine, bleaches or harmful chemicals are used in these papers. They are made with sensitivity to the local environment and the final water run-off from paper production is used to water an organic farm.

Handmade sheet by sheet, the papers are made with a neutral pH internal size and are acid-free. Rough surfaced papers retain the impression of the woolen felts interleaved with the newly made sheets before excess water is squeezed out. Smooth papers are cold pressed between zinc sheets. Each sheet is loft dried, then surface sized with gelatin for a hard, water-resistant surface that prevents watercolor from sinking in. The papers can be used with all painting and drawing media. For oil painting, prime them first with gesso or acrylic medium.

*** To ensure that your paper will arrive without damage to edges or corners, we have a 10-SHEET MINIMUM on all shipped sheet paper orders. You can select any combination of papers, colors and sizes to make up the 10-sheet minimum, unless stated otherwise. ***

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