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GOLDEN Self Leveling Clear Gel

  • G 100 200 SLG Product Image
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Product Description

GOLDEN Self Leveling Clear Gel

GOLDEN Gel Mediums offer artists many ways to build texture!

They range in consistency from pourable to moldable with varying degrees of sheen and transparency. They can be used to create glazes, extend paints and change finishes. Some gels incorporate pumice, glass or acrylic granules that impart unique reflective, rough or absorbent surface qualities.

Gels can be thought of as colorless paint, as they are composed of 100% acrylic polymers similar to acrylic paint. They can also act as adhesives in collage and mixed media that dry to form continuous films with excellent flexibility with chemical, water and UV resistance.

Self Leveling Gel is formulated with a 100% acrylic polymer emulsion. It has a unique resinous and stringy consistency which dries to a flexible, high gloss film. Milky white when wet, the Gel becomes transparent when dry.

Self-Leveling Clear Gel can be used to increase transparency and sheen of acrylic paints while imparting a leveling quality to other GOLDEN Acrylic products. It produces a film with excellent chemical, water, and ultraviolet resistance.

Product application:

  • Mix any quantity of Gel with GOLDEN Acrylic colors, gels or mediums.
  • To thin, add water or GOLDEN Mediums.
  • For slower drying, add GOLDEN Retarder.
  • Do not mix with oils.
  • Paint on any non-oily surface.
  • Non-absorbent surfaces should be abraded for increased adhesion.
  • GOLDEN Acrylics dry quickly and may be painted over immediately, yet complete drying will take longer.
  • Avoid freezing of the acrylics. Minimum film formation temperature is 48°F/9°C.
  • Clean tools with soap and water.
  • Keep tools wet during use.

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