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GOLDEN Molding Paste

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Product Description

GOLDEN Molding Paste

GOLDEN Molding Paste is made with white marble dust and dries to a hard, yet flexible, opaque film. Excellent for creating textured, smooth, or three dimensional surfaces on both rigid or semi flexible surfaces like stretched canvas. Acts as white when mixed with paint and works great with GOLDEN Acrylic colors. It thins and cleans with water.

GOLDEN Pastes are tools that artists can use to achieve a variety of effects and expressions. Pastes used in conjunction with acrylic colors broaden working properties and expand creative possibilities.

Pastes differ from most gels in that they are opaque and may contain Marble Dust, Diatomaceous Earth, fibers, clays or other fillers resulting in a white or clay-tone finish with a variety of textures and properties. Pastes can also be used to create textured foundations for painting.

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