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Create Winter Landscape Cards: Inspiration & Supplies

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Create Winter Landscape Cards: Inspiration & Supplies

With a little inspiration and the right supplies, you can create your own Holiday Cards!

Susie Short has some great & simple tips that make creating cards fun - you'll enjoy making them as much as your friends and family will enjoy receiving them!

Winter Landscape Card Project
You can download this project!

1. Draw the Outline of a large Snow-Covered Tree on your card. Tip: off-center it slightly for a better composition.

2. Apply Masking Fluid inside the lines of your Tree. When applying Masking leave space between the branches for the darker greens of the tree. It doesn't need to be too detailed at this stage. Allow to dry completely.

3. Dampen the Area
behind the masking and paint the background trees wet in wet. They need to be a medium dark value. When they dry slightly use clear water on a round brush to create water blooms for snow on the background trees. A granulating color such as Cascade Green can create amazing effects. Allow to dry.

4. Add Dark Green 'Boughs'
under the Masking Fluid Tree branches.
Allow to dry again, then remove the masking.

5. Dampen the Foreground Snow Area
and add some blue-gray color wet-in-wet under the tree. Very soon we'll add a small pond, you may want to sketch that area in lightly.

Decide which side of the tree is going to be your sunny side. Paint light blue-gray shadows on the shadow side of the snow on the branches where you removed the masking. Blend of the top edges so it looks soft and rounded. skip around so you are not painting next to a damp place. Let dry and then decide if you need to add more green to give the snow a better shape.

6. Use a damp clean Flat Brush
to gently lift the lighter part of the birch trees from the background. Dab the softened paint of with a paper towel. Rinse your brush often as you lift up the paint. Dry the birch trees completely.

7. Use a Plastic Card (credit card)
to add the darker bark texture to the dry birch trees. Add a few bare limbs to the birch trees to help push the background back.

8. Now add the Pond
to the foreground of your card. It's important to keep the water's surface looking flat. It's easier to paint the shape of the pond in a pale blue then add the darker colors around the reflection of the snow covered tree when the pale blue is dry.

The snow around the water will need to have some soft blue-gray contours on the backside above the water. Keep the snow soft looking by using clear water on a damp brush to blend the snow shadows.

9. Add Snow Dimples
using your blue gray mixture and when they're dry add a few sprigs of dry grass sticking up in the snow.

When it's dry.... sign it!

TIP: Try painting a series of several cards in an assembly line fashion. Allow one card to dry while you work on another. By not rinsing your brushes as often you save paint and time. No two cards will be alike.


About the Author
Susie Short's watercolors have been selected and have merited numerous top awards in regional, national, and international competitions. Her paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions and are included in a growing number of private, public, and corporate collections world wide.
Susie's versatility and energetic dedication to learn and encourage others has made her popular among both art instructors and student artists. An enthusiastic teacher, Susie enjoys sharing her knowledge and love for watercolor by conducting art classes and workshops. She is also available for club demonstrations and lectures, and most recently has ventured into offering online instruction to afford others the opportunity to experience the wonder of watercolor.

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