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Making Monotypes with Water Soluble Oils

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Making Monotypes with Water Soluble Oils
1. Start with an 8" x 10" Polystyrene Plate. (We cut ours with a utility knife to 7" square) Sand the edges to prevent tearing the paper when printing them. Mask the edges with 1" masking tape to create a clean border.

2. Lay the plate over a previously drawn or printed image (keep in mind that the finished print will be the reverse of this image), then print over the picture with the watersoluble oils. We used a Color Shaper to squeegee through the paint to add texture and detail. Remove the tape border before printing.

3. Lightly mist a piece of Owara Mulberry paper cut to the appropriate size. (We cut eight pieces, roughly 9" x 12", from a single 25" x 37" sheet.) Lay the paper over the plate, then burnish the backwith a baren to transfer the image. Carefully pull the paper from the plate and set the print aside to dry. Medium-thick layers of Duo-P Aqua Oils dry in 2/3 the time of traditional oils; thin layers dry even faster.

After pulling the print, you can add more paint to the plate to make a second print.

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