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Stencil Artwork on T-Shirts Using Fabric Inks

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Stencil Artwork on T-Shirts Using Fabric Inks

Make your very own screen-printed shirts to wear or give!

The Speedball Standard Fabric Screen Printing Kit makes it surprisingly easy—and while you have the supplies out, how about making some greeting or thank-you cards at the same time?

  • Choose a simple drawing off the fridge or have the kids make something especially for the project.
    (We re-used a snowflake design from previous projects.)
  • Take a 12" x 16" sheet of DANIEL SMITH Paper Palette and cut it to 10" x 14" to fit the screen.
  • Trace your design on the shiny side of the Paper Palette sheet, then cut out the design with an X-Acto knife.
  • Using masking tape, tape the stencil to the underside of the screen frame.
  • To print, follow the instructions in the booklet that comes with the kit—the stencil masks the screen so you’ll just print the cutout area.
  • Make a test print on scrap paper, then start printing your cotton T-shirts.
  • Clean the screen promptly after you finish printing.
  • Once the ink is dry on the fabric, iron it at high heat (no steam) with a cloth between the iron and the print; this helps the print withstand repeated washings.

The Speedball Standard Fabric Kit contains excellent step-by-step Instructions for many silk-screen projects—from beginner to advanced.

Try Our “Partridge in a Pear Tree” Stencil Project
  • Download the Partridge in a Pear Tree Project!
  • 5 colors are used for this project and 4 stencils.
  • Green for tree shape - 1 stencil.
  • Brown for tree trunk and partridge - 1 stencil.
  • Yellow for pears and partridge - 1 stencil
  • Gold for pears and partridge - use the same stencil used for Yellow
  • Red for the pot tree is in - 1 stencil.
  • Print your inks in listed order.
Printing the partridge in brown, yellow and gold will give it more depth as you layer on the colors.
Printing yellow for the pears, then gold help to make them pop more from the green of the tree.
For the eye of the partridge, take small round paint brush, dip it into your black Speedball ink and “dot” in an eye.
Tip: You could also “paint in” some other details if you like with the brush and inks.



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