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Stencil Wooden Frames with Acrylic Paint

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Stencil Wooden Frames with Acrylic Paint

Start with a pre-made Woodbury Matte Black frame. First, mask the frame’s outside and inside edges. Starting at the top right corner and centering the tape on the corner’s point, lay a strip of 1" masking tape from corner to corner. Using a ruler, measure inch increments and continue laying diagonal strips of tape 1" apart.

Apply DANIEL SMITH Iridescent Aztec Gold paint to the spaces between the tape with a foam brush. Let the paint dry, then lift the tape. Apply a coat of DANIEL SMITH Acrylic Gloss Medium to the entire frame surface. Let dry thoroughly. Then, starting at the top left corner, apply two strips of tape, each 1/2" on either side of the center point (keeping the 1" spacing) and continue diagonally 1" apart as before.

Fill in the spaces between the tape with DANIEL SMITH Iridescent Russet. Let dry thoroughly, remove the tape, and then coat the finished pattern with another coat of Acrylic Gloss Medium.

For the miniature canvas shown next to the frame, we used Iridescent Aztec Gold, Iridescent Russet and Duochrome Blue Silver on DANIEL SMITH Gold Acrylic Gesso, adding details with a black permanent brush pen.

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