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DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground Pumpkin Coach!

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground Pumpkin Coach!

Spread your Artistic talent to more surfaces through the magic of DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground!

These projects are a great way to have fun with your pigments and dress your pumpkins for the Holidays. Paint our Magical Pumpkin Coach and delight your family.

Watercolor Ground Preparation
Since pumpkins have a semi-absorbent surface, no special preparation is needed. With a soft flat brush, simply apply DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground to the entire surface. Two coats will provide a pure white absorbent ground. Allow each coat to cure thoroughly - we recommend at least 24 hours. Once cured, your pumpkin magic can begin!


Pumpkin Coach Project

Pumpkin Coach

Working from your imagination or using a reference picture of your choosing, select a simple palette of colors.

Be sure to add some luminescent sparkle! Our pumpkin palette consists of Iridescent Electric Blue, Verditer Blue, Cobalt Teal Blue, Aureolin, Iridescent Gold, Quinacridone Coral and Mayan Red.

  • Before painting, sketch in details such as ornate doors and windows.
  • Paint and have fun!
  • Once your work is dry, details can be added with a fine felt-tip marker.
  • Create whimsical wheels with bendable wire. Your wire only needs to be strong enough to hold its shape as it will float slightly above the ground.
  • With a sewing needle, poke 4 holes near the base of your pumpin and insert the wheels stems. Bend your wire until each wheel is shaped and sitting the way you like.


Pumpkin Sparkle!

Pumpkin Sparkle

So easy! Follow the Watercolor Ground preparation steps above to begin.

  • Sketch in decorative details, these could be free flowing swirls or geometric patterns.
  • Holiday suggestion: Write your dinner guest's names onto individual tiny pumpkins and use your colorful creations as one-of-a-kind place settings.
  • With a fine tip applicator, draw over your lines with Masking Fluid and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Once dry, sweep bold color over your entire pumpkin. Add a little luminescent sparkle to catch the light.
  • Once dry, remove the Masking Fluid carefully.
  • If you like, lightly paint over the masking lines with another wash of color, or leave white for a strong contrast.

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