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Decorate Moleskine Cahiers with InkJet Transfers

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Product Description

Decorate Moleskine Cahiers with InkJet Transfers

Mimic the look of a rubber stamp! Print an image onto non-absorbent paper, then transfer it onto the surface of your choice while the ink is still wet. We used the Moleskine Cahiers; you could also print transfers onto traditional Japanese or printmaking paper, many kinds of decorative papers, papier-mâché boxes or wood —anything with a somewhat absorbent finish.

Making sure your design will fit your journal, scan it into your computer (flip the design if you don’t want it reversed in the finished project), then print it onto the shiny side of a sheet of DANIEL SMITH Paper Palette. (Cut the 9" x 12" sheets to 8-1/2" x 11" for normal copier size.) The wet ink will sit on the surface of the paper; lift it carefully from your printer to avoid smudging.

Gently but quickly position the paper image-side down on top of a blank journal, hold it steady with one hand, then burnish the drawing using a baren. The transferred image will dry in five to ten minutes. You can then decorate it with colored pencils if you want.

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