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Granulating Watercolors from Daniel Smith

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Product Description

Granulating Watercolors from Daniel Smith

Learn about the characteristic properties and origins of DANIEL SMITH Granulating Watercolors

Granulating Colors

Granulation of a watercolor paint occurs only with specific pigments. With only a few exceptions, these paints contain one or more inorganic pigments containing metal. The granulation effect increases with the addition of deionized or distilled water. The pigment(s) drop out of the binder/water solution and settle into the valleys of your watercolor paper. The heavier (denser) pigments usually create granulation, such as DANIEL SMITH Lunar Black and DANIEL SMITH Cobalt Blue.

"The pigments drop out of the binder/water solution and settle into the valleys of your watercolor paper"

Only a few organic pigments granulate because their density is not much different than the binder/water solution. Examples of organic pigment granulating watercolors are DANIEL SMITH Manganese Blue Hue which uses a special Phthalo Blue pigment, and DANIEL SMITH Rose Madder Genuine.

Granulating Samples

Choose the DANIEL SMITH Granulating Watercolor Set when you want the ultimate in texture! These subtle, versatile colors are created from heavy, granular pigments that, when applied in washes, settle into beautiful reticulated patterns that enhance texture. Made from iron-rich earth pigments, Lunar Black and Lunar Red Rock are Daniel Smith exclusives with an extremely pronounced granulation effect that resembles the rocky surface of the moon.

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