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GOLDEN: Painting the Printed Image

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Product Description

GOLDEN: Painting the Printed Image

Featuring GOLDEN Digital Grounds and Fluid Acrylics.
Demonstration by Patti Brady, director of the GOLDEN Working Artists Program.

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Photographs are a great way to capture and share stories. Create unique photographs with this project that combines GOLDEN's versatile Soft Gel with Fluid Acrylics colors and new Digital Grounds to create an ink-jet printed acrylic skin that can be enhanced for a truly personalized moment in time.

Step #1: Creating and Preparing the Acrylic Skin
Tape a piece of polyethylene plastic onto a flat surface. Spread a thin layer (1/32 to 1/16th inch) of GOLDEN Soft Gel (Semi-Gloss) onto the plastic with a palette knife and let dry overnight. Next, using a foam brush, coat the gel skin with GOLDEN Digital Ground Clear (Gloss) or GOLDEN Digital Ground for Non-Porous Surfaces. Apply two coats on opposite directions, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly between applications.


Step #2: Printing the Acrylic Skin
Once dry, carefully lift a corner and pull up to remove the skin from the plastic. For printing, secure the skin using painter's tape or other removable tape to a piece of plain paper. You must use an ink-jet printer for this process. Put the secured skin into the printer's paper path, and print your photo. Remove the skin from the paper carrier.



Step #3: Painting the Acrylic Skin
The photograph on the skin is water sensitive. Take advantage of this by using water and a stiff brush or color shaper to remove any hard edges. This will aloow the printed image to blend better into a background. Once the printed image is dry, turn the gel skin over and paint the backside using GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics. Broad strokes are fine, as the print on the front will keep the image defined.

Step #4: Attaching the Image
When dry, use Soft Gel (any sheen) to attach the image to a background.

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