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Make Candle Lanterns for your Holiday Table

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Make Candle Lanterns for your Holiday Table

Choose a lightweight decorative or Japanese paper. Cut two strips—a 5-1/4"h x 9-1/2"w for the lantern and a 1" x 10" strip for the bottom edge. We used the paper’s deckle edge to add an attractive detail.

Before you roll the paper to form a lantern, decorate with Pitt Brush Pens. You can trace a design first and fill it in, or draw a design freehand. We placed the pattern shown here behind our paper, in the center and 3/4" from the top, and filled in the design with a green brush pen. Watercolors and collage are other possibilities for decorating lanterns.

Once the paper is decorated, stick a strip of double-sided tape down the inside edge of one side. Curl the paper around and stick the two ends together. To attach your reserved strip of paper, adhere double-sided tape to the back of the strip, align it to the bottom of the lantern and wrap it around the base; trim if necessary. Finally, place the shade over a tea light in a glass cup and enjoy its warm and festive glow. Lanterns of any size can easily be created by modifying these basic instructions.

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