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Silver Brush Nelson Shanks Masters Complete 44 Piece Oil Set


Teacher, artist and portraitist Nelson Shanks partnered with Silver Brush to select brushes for both larger background coverage and intimate portraiture detail.

Interlocked and naturally curved Chungking Silverstone™ bristle has long flagged tips, long maroon matte handles and seamless nickel-plated brass ferrules. Grand Prix™ shares the same bristle with seamless corrosion-resistant copper ferrules double crimped to long, matte green lacquered handles.

Renaissance™ red sable is hand-cupped and set in seamless gold-plated ferrules with balanced, long gloss black hardwood handles. Bulletin Cutter™ varnish brush has pure, natural white bristle with finely chiseled edges; epoxy set in stainless steel ferrules with short handles.

Alpine White™ is made of pure soft white goat hair, with seamless nickel plated brass ferrules and clear lacquered, short flat paddle handles. Set comes with information on the artist and brushes.

4 Each Grand Prix™ Filbert, size 4 1 Silverstone™ Fan Blender, size 4
2 Each Grand Prix™ Filbert, size 6 2 Each Cutter™ White Bristle, size 3"
1 Each Grand Prix™ Filbert, sizes 8, 12 1 Each Alpine White™ Goat Blender, sizes 1-1/2", 2"
2 Each Grand Prix™ Xtra-Long Filbert, size 2 1 PCM Flat Goat Softener, size 3"
4 Each Grand Prix™ Xtra-Long Filbert, sizes 3, 6 1 Each Renaissance™ Bright, sizes 8, 10
6 Each Grand Prix™ Xtra-Long Filbert, size 4 2 Each Renaissance™ Cats Tongue, sizes 4, 10
1 Grand Prix™ Xtra-Long Filbert, size 8 4 Each Renaissance™ Cats Tongue, sizes 6, 8
1 Nelson Shanks Brochure 1 Each Silver Brush Care and Information Brochures

Silver Brush has been celebrating superior brush making since 1991. Its founder, Deirdra Silver, has over 40 years’ experience in artist materials. Crafting from premium synthetic and natural hair, the company offers only the finest quality brushes.

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