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Picture Perfect Value Finder, View Finder with Value Filter

Item No: 767 010 001 Mfr# 767 010 001
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Product Description

Picture Perfect Value Finder, View Finder with Value Filter

3 Viewfinders with composition guides. En plein air or in the studio, use the grids in the clear windows for layout and positioning. The windows have differing ratios, scaled to match standard-size surfaces & frames, with basic composition quidelines & wide enough surrounds to effectively isolate  the views. Find the best composition, sketch with greater accuracy, know instantly what standard surface sizes are appropriate.  

Value Finder - Transparent  red filters neutralize color without obscuring details. View your subject to guage overall value relationships. and/or identify masses of similar value. View paintings in progress to spot any "flat area", identify areas where more value contrasts would give added life to your painting.   

2 Value Scales - To isolate & identify the correct value, one is always handy, printed right on the viewfinder unit, plus a separate grey scale is included for added flexibility...maybe on your pallette as a value guide while mixing paints?   

Plus - An instruction sheet is included with each viewfinder, and the viewfinder has lots of useful information printed right on it to help you make composition & value decisions.  

5" X 11" Fold Size - just right for one-handed use, fits easily in most any paintbox.

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