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Masquepen Set Pen/Refill/Attachment

Item No: 719 010 004 Mfr# 1115
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Product Description

Masquepen Set Pen/Refill/Attachment
Masquepen Set includes pen, liquid & supernib. Masquepen allows you to apply masking fluid with exquisite detail. No more ruined brushes! Turquoise Blue masking fluid dries quickly, removes easily. The nib, a slender nylon tube, lets you make perfectly controlled marks as thin or thick as desired just by squeezing the plastic applicator. The supernib is an ultra-fine, hollow needle-like nib for applying Masquepen masking fluid with extreme precision. Only 0.5mm in diameter, it is great for making delicate linework and detail. To prevent clogging, it comes with a cleaning system; a solid needle for pushing out excess mask and a water-flushing squeeze bottle.

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