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DANIEL SMITH Platinum Series 10 Hog Bristle Double Size Brush, Round #16

Item No: 657 075 001 Mfr# 1100-MR16
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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Platinum Series 10 Hog Bristle Double Size Brush, Round #16
Our Platinum Series Hog Bristle Brush is the perfect combination of performance and value. The natural flags, or split tips, of the highest quality Chungking hog bristles interlock for springy resilience and shape retention over the long haul. Seamless nickel metal ferrules with champagne-colored handles add visual distinction, and the precision balance is unrivaled. These high performance brushes will support your ideas without straining your budget. You'll also notice that these brushes are much larger than their numerical counterparts in other brush lines.

For this brush, we took our specifications to our favorite brushmaker and asked for a line of hog bristle brushes that would rival our Platinum Series Watercolor Brushes. Our team of artists tested many samples for quality and consistency before the final design was approved. The feel in the hand and the unfailing control are the best we've seen.

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