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Art Graf Water Soluble Graphite Tin

Item No: 608 012 002 Mfr# 500220
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Product Description

Art Graf Water Soluble Graphite Tin
A disc of pure, water-soluble graphite in a metal tin. Apply a wet brush directly to the product, controlling the amount of water to produce an extensive scale of erasable shades ranging from deep black to light, transparent grays.

Susan from Shoreline
Overall Experience
Not as good as I'd hoped
How would you describe the quality of this product?
I liked that I could use graphite to paint with, that was cool. What I didn't like is that I couldn't get much in the way of different values. It was hard to make the grey get any darker with successive layers and when I did put on a couple of layers it just looked more shiny like graphite does when it builds up. It is still fun to play with, but for serious illustrations I don't think it will work. I need to use a variety of values and Art Graf just doesn't work that way.
How did this product perform compared to your expectations?
I expected more from this product that what it delivered.
What project did you use this product for?
I planned to use this for a graphite illustration, but it didn't work out.
Was this product true to its value?
The value is as it is seen in the tin.
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