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Howard's Pro-Vertical Etching Tank


Save space and use less etchant
Howard's Pro-Vertical Etching Tank is a free-standing, leak-free vertical tank designed by Keith Howard to support the technical needs of his non-toxic etching techniques. It's made of polyethylene, rotation molded for great structural strength. It serves as a long-term storage container for 10 gallons of etchant and can etch six 18" x 24" plates at a time.

A loose-fitting lid completely covers the already small surface area of the etchant to reduce evaporation. Another unique feature is the Plexiglas plate-hanging rack which can easily be removed if a plate is dropped to the bottom of the tank.

The tank measures 30" long, 23" high and 3-1/2" wide. The support legs are 11" wide. While Keith Howard advocates using only ferric chloride for etching, the tank can also be used with etching acids. Not to be used with zinc plates.

(1) Howard's Pro-Vertical Etching Tank

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