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Mona Lisa Variegated Green Leaf, 5.5 in x 5.5 in, 6 pack


Metal Leaf is a micro-thin sheet of composition metal separated by pages of tissue paper. All through history in the world of decorative arts, gold leaf has played a very prominent role. Precious metals continue to exemplify quality and good tast. With inexpensive compostition leaf, we are now able to afford that special look in home decor and personal accessories. Mona Lisa leaf products and techniques make the leafing process fun and foolproof with satisfying results every time. Variegated Leaf is a special process of heating composition gold leaf and applying chemicals to give it a pattern. We offer Mona Lisa Variegated Leaf in three colors...red, green, and blue. To protect the leaf from darkening you may want to seal it. However, sealing the variegated leaf will change the color, and “dull” the variegation.
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