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Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit


a wide range of printing possibilities
The Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit allows a wide range of printing possibilities, from fine line drawings to hand or commercial lettering and photographic halftone positives.

First, mix the Diazo Photo Emulsion with the Sensitizer, then coat the screen with a squeegee and allow it to dry in a dark area.

Next, prepare a positive image with black ink on a transparent surface, such as prepared acetate or a printed transparency, place it on the coated screen, exposing the image to bright light such as a photo flood.

Finally, wash out the graphics with a forceful spray of water on both sides of the screen, leaving a detailed image open to accept screenprinting ink. Use Photo Emulsion Remover to reclaim the screen with minimal cleaning effort.

Kit includes:

  • 7oz Jar of Diazo Photo Emulsion
  • 2oz JarSensitizer
  • 7oz Jar of Photo Emulsion Remover
  • Complete Instructions
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