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Jacquard Synthrapol, 6oz

Item No: 457 040 005 Mfr# CHM1009
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Product Description

Jacquard Synthrapol, 6oz

Like the one red mitten that stains your load of whites pink, freshly dyed fabrics can pose a major threat to their neighbors in laundering. Jacquard Synthrapol is a mild soap specifically made for removing excess dye so dried articles can be washed with other laundry. When dyeing, not all of the pigment will react with the fiber. Excess dye, therefore, must be removed to prevent backstaining. Rinse the fiber as thoroughly as possible with a small amount of Synthrapol, then launder with one tablespoon per load. Synthapol suspends and carries the excess dye from the fiber, keeping the rest of your wardrobe the color it was made to be.

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