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Jacquard Gutta Resist, Black, 4oz

Item No: 457 010 019 Mfr# JAC1781
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Product Description

Jacquard Gutta Resist, Black, 4oz

Resist is used to draw the outline of an image on silk. Used with liquid dyes, Jacquard's Gutta stops the flow of dye at the resist lines. Gutta Resist is made from natural Gutta Percha which produces the finest resist available. Any resist should be completely dry before applying dye. Gutta is removed from fabric by dry-cleaning. Colored guttas are intended to remain on the fabric and should not be dry-cleaned. When used with heavier silks, Gutta Resist may need to be thinned for complete penetration of the fabric. Jacquard Gutta Solvent (4 oz.) is for use only with Jacquard Gutta Resists, not water-based resists. Gutta Solvent can be used to clean up application bottle and tools, but it not designed to be used to remove the Gutta Resist from fabric.

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